Buying Gemstones and Rare Mineral Specimens Online

This is very difficult for buyers, especially new comers, for buying gemstones and rare specimens mineral online. This is when you are away, unable to see specimen in hand and dealer is also unable to give you true picture of the mineral specimens. In the world, there are 1000s minerals found and still being discovered. Every locality finds some thing new time by time. For example, yellow Bruicte was discovered in Baluchistan region of Pakistan. It captured the market in Tuscon show in the last year. So every one was after this newly discovered mineral. Whereas local had no idea of brucite. They sold initially at small amount the rare mineral specimens in form of brucite.  See the brucie mine here under.

The other localities in the world also keep on discovering new and rare mineral specimens. They can not be ignored. Buyers go behind every type of mineral from any corner of the world.

 Mineral specimens have different aspects in the selection process. Some gets attention by their beauty. Some gets attention by their unique formation.Some are liked due to rarity and some appeals due to aesthetic point of view. More over locality and fine quality also matters a lot to the buyer.



A well reputed mineral dealer can make sure that they adhere to and follow certain rules. Here are mentioned some  below:-

  1. The product should be described as it is.
  2. Return policy should be flexible.
  3. Any repair item or reconstructed / enhanced or treated should be described with details of repair and treatment when it is necessary.
  4. Location of the mineral specimen should be exposed and disclosed.
  5. Mineral dealers should not depend on healing properties of the mineral specimens while selling their stuff.


What buyers should keep in mind before purchasing any rare mineral specimen. Here they are:-

  1. Buyer should check background verification of the seller.
  2. Make searches about seller and ask recommendations from others.
  3. Build strong and friendly relationships with the sellers so he feels easy to discuss with you different aspects of mineral specimens. Friendly attitude will help you regarding new stock availability news given by the vendor every time he receives any new and unique stuff.
  4. Must have knowledge about gemstones and fine mineral specimens.
  5. Must have idea of minerals found in different localities and their types.

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