How Amethyst gemstone is viewed by people?

How Amethyst gemstone is viewed by people?

Amethyst is a variety of Quartz minerals and gemstones. Amethyst comes various shades of purple to purple pink and deep purple. Amethyst has been world popular gemstone around the world. In the history, people have been using amethyst for various purposes. It has been royal mark and used to be used in jewelry. People also used to think it holy stone in various civilizations.

Amethyst is found in Brazil, Zambia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, USA, Russia, Europe, Mexico, Canada mainly. Amethyst comes in big and small size. One can get high quality amethyst in big size also. Amethyst is popular in geode amethyst around the world. Very big big geode are found from Brazil mainly.

Amethyst is basically purple variety of a quartz. Its hardness is 7 on MOHS Scale. The stone is very hard before resistance. It has various color shades.

It has very wonderful history in the civilization. Amethyst was used to be in jewelry by Romans and Ancient Greeks. In history, civilizations put it on highly valuable material by using it for various purposes. The used to give it name with luxury items. , it was highlighted as part of their crowns, scepters, and rings. Christian bishops once wore amethyst jewelry in the form of a ring.

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