How to Buy Gemstones and Minerals for Sale Online?-A Guide

This could be a heck of tricky task that How to Buy Gemstones and Minerals for Sale Online?-A Guide is here for new comers.  I am also fan of gemstones and when I started my business by first purchase from buying gemstones online, I had to learn a couple of lessons before getting true profits. I thought to share my experience for new comers who are willing to buy gemstones and minerals for sale online.

  1. It is very important to check the vendor background. Specially if they are from India, Sirilanka, Bangkok and Burma. These markets are wholesale gemstones market in the world. Of course the gems international mandi.
  2. Make sure that gemstones are natural and no treatment
  3. Get knowledge about gemstones before buying online
  4. You should have idea about cut, clarity ,
    10 things to keep in mind before buying genuine gemstones and minerals for sale

    gemstones identification, origin and different treatment types

  5. To a gemstone buyer, Gemologist or a Gemstone lovers, excellent or Good Quality will mean a Gemstone having excels on the 4C’s of
    – Cut, clarity, colour
    – Is it beautiful
    -Is it unique
  6. Buy from trusted vendor. Check their credentials and history. Internet will help you.
  7. Fair knowledge of gemstones
  8. Get lab certificates from reputed laboratories
  9. While purchasing precious gemstones such as emeralds, sapphire and ruby, it must be of top quality
  10. If you are going to buy commercially used gemstones, look for wholesale vendors

When we see big profit in any thing, it is likely to happen that there are certain chances of big fraudsters lurking around. Who want to make fortune over night. So be careful in buying gemstones online. Only natural will give you good profit. Go behind treatment free gemstones which are worth for investment. If your demand is treated or synthetic, buyer should clearly tell you. Even if vendor is selling treated gemstones, he must clear before making sales.  Vendors should guide you regarding gemstones. So go behind such vendors who have good history background or market reputation.

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